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Behind the scenes at the Death Star ... Few know that in honor of the holidays the Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire take a break from their irritation at each other and join forces to bring some cheer and celebration to the only location that is big enough to host such a large party.  Here's an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at some of the festivities!


The Med Bay has been re-purposed into a workshop to help out Santa.  Notice plenty of new blasters to hopefully help the stormtroopers improve their aim ... although the look on Han's face may mean he had something to do with their (in)accuracy...


There's a Christmas cookie buffet in the detention center since the prisoners are currently out and enjoying the festivities.  R2-D2 kindly loaned his serving tray to R2-Q5.


Standing in line to get photos with Emperor Santa, although don't make him talk much - he's a little raspy right now ...


SNOW2-D2 is getting some help building a snowman from Obi-Wan.  He has obviously used the force to help get the facial details so perfect.


R2-TREE2 has found a way to harness the power of the extra light produced by the superlaser to grow Christmas trees for his very own tree farm.  It is so successful that he is able to keep the entire Death Star supplied with plenty of trees.


Story time and hot cocoa with Darth Santa.  Admiral Yularan's mug fits him so well. 


Santa Yoda and Santa Fett have figured out that TIE fighters can deliver letters to Santa in a fraction of the usual time!


A certain dianoga is getting a clean trash compactor and some decor to brighten things up for the holidays!


C3-PO gets the honor of putting the star on the tree while decorating with the other droids.


Very few know about the secret ice-skating rink in the basement! 


Onery twins swinging around on dad's Christmas lights.  I have a bad feeling about this...


Christmas karaoke with Santa Maul.  His favorite is "Rockin' Around the Dathromirian-Zabrak Tree"...


Helping NORAD track Santa, but only because they have more advanced equipment over a parsec out so they can see the whole planet all at the same time.

Happy holidays from everyone on this Death Star!!!

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The Dorriety Family | Katy, TX Family Photography I just love meeting new people and this family is no exception!  They are such a sweet family and the kiddos are full of life and so much fun!  Thank you so much - I hope you guys love your new portraits!


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Holiday Minis 2015 | Katy, TX Children's Photography

It's time for holiday minis again!  These mini sessions are the perfect opportunity for some portraits of the little ones in your life! 

This year we have 2 great backdrops (best for 4 or less children - teens, families, and adults will please need to book regular sessions) and lots of props and accessories to capture these special moments to use as gifts and holiday cards.

Spots will fill up fast so book today!  This year there are three dates available with a special early bird date and price for the first block of sessions. 

Happy holidays!


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Baby L | Katy, TX Newborn Photography I met this adorable baby girl's momma when I was asked to create a Madrigal costume more years ago than I will admit.  ;)  I have so enjoyed getting to know this super sweet family and we had a lot of fun during this session!  Thank you so much for letting me be a part of capturing these memories!  She is beautiful and I look forward to seeing her grow and learn so many new things!

I love when my clients like to have a bit of fun!  She's off to save lives and conquer the bad guys in this next one, and then ....

... we were sure to capture some magic!  Mischief managed!



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Baby C and Big Brother H | Katy, TX Newborn Photography These two are just so adorable!  I know big brother is going to be a great helper because he had to stop and check on things every time little brother made a noise.  Seeing the start to what will become a close relationship between brothers is such fun!  Thank you so much for letting me spend time with you guys!

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The Conaway Family | Katy, TX Family Portrait Photography This is one of the nicest families you'll ever meet and seeing their kids grow into such wonderful young people has been a blessing!  The sun didn't want to fully cooperate until the very end of our session, but we still had a great time!  Thanks so much guys!

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Madison | Katy, TX Photography This session was dedicated to capturing memories and studio images of some of this young lady's favorite costumes from her dance troops' performances.  Watching her put on a different persona for each costume was so much fun!  She has great talent and is passionate about her work, but most importantly she loves and has a lot of fun with it!  Thanks guys!  

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Baby D | Katy Newborn Photography This little guy is an absolute sweetheart!  I am a sucker for bow ties of any type and the sock monkey hat his mom brought for him to wear was cute as can be!  It will be such fun to watch you grow and learn new things, little guy!  Thanks so much!


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Alexander Wedding | Montgomery, TX Photography Congratulations Kyle and Brittany!  Your wedding day was beautiful, even with all the rain!  ;)  It was an honor to be there with you guys for such a special occasion - thank you so much!

(With all the pretty twinkle lights I couldn't resist breaking out the bokeh filter - see all the little hearts?)

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Welcome, Baby E! | Katy, TX Newborn Photography This little lady has been very much anticipated by her family, friends, and especially her big sisters!  Of course, when dressing up for a special occasion like taking photos, one must pull out their very best princess garb.  ;)  This was such fun and I hope you enjoy your photos!  Thank you so much!

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Andrea | Houston, TX Portrait Photography Andrea is one of the nicest girls I've met!  I first helped her out with some sewing projects and getting to know her family has been wonderful!  Thank you so much!  I hope you enjoyed our session as much as I did!

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N's One-Year Session | Katy, TX Children's Photography Remember Baby N?  He is a year old now and is such a joyful little guy!  He is inquisitive and loves figuring out the world around him which is so much fun to see!  Happy birthday!!!

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The Benezra Family | Katy, TX Family Photography This family holds a special place in my heart and so I was thrilled when the sky put on a stunning show for them during their session!  They are a beautiful family, both inside and out!

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Camp Lu-Jo 2015

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Aidan's Senior Photos | Oklahoma Senior Photography I first met Aidan when he was really young out at camp and through the years it's been a blessing to watch him grow into the outstanding young man he is.  Since Camp Lu-Jo is such a special place to him, we made sure to snap a few pics while we were all there for camp.  Good luck with your senior year and congratulations!!!

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Janie's Senior Photos | Houston, TX Senior Photography If you ask the kiddos in my house, they will tell you this young lady is the best ever since she is a favorite babysitter. ;)  She is an outstanding and very sweet individual and we wish her the best in her school career!

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Sweet Baby L | Katy, TX Newborn Photography This sweet little angel is such a cutie pie!  You can tell she already has her parents wrapped around her tiny little finger!  Thank you so much - she is precious!!!

This family Bible is one of the oldest things I have ever held in my hands and I felt like I needed gloves to handle it properly - although it has been rebound, the first pages of family records date back to before the United States became a country.  What a neat legacy!

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Maegan's Senior Session | Houston Senior Photography I absolutely loved every minute of this session!  We had a great time walking around Hermann park and taking in the azaleas on the Rice campus.  Meagan comes from a super sweet family, and she is one of the nicest girls I've ever met.  This fall she is off to school at Oklahoma Christian University (Great school, although I may be a bit biased ;) ) and we wish her a great time there!  Thank you so much - I hope you guys had as much fun as I did!


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The Rock Family | Katy, TX Family Photography This family is so sweet!  The sun was not in the mood to cooperate with us so we have planned for some retakes at a future point.  Thank you so much, guys!  

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